Travelogue: Tirupati and nearby locations

September 10, 2007

Last weekend, I had been to Tirupati with my family and my sister’s family. I had been there last year alone. But really after long time we had been there as a family. Unlike usual one-day-trip-to-Tirupati, we preferred to stay there for an extended weekend ( including Monday ).

The Clouded skies and slight drizzling made the ride enjoyable to the nearby locations. Our visit included the as usual AlameluMangaPuram ( Goddess ), SrinivasaMangaPuram, Kalahasti and The Venketeswara National Park and the Tirupati.

One thing you dont have to worry about while traveling in Andhra or TamilNadu is the food. Whether its cosy restaurant or chennai-famous Kaiaenthi-Bhavan ( the small shop functions mostly in a van or kind of minibus ) you’ll have memorable taste. Our stay was to Bhimas Deluxe one of the good hotels in Tirupati.