Team Schmooze crowned as winners !

May 11, 2015

It was my second Hackathon in Outware on 1st May, 2015.  And I’m happy to announce that my team are the winners for the ‘Most Innovative’ category ! Not only did we come out as winners out of the 17 competing teams, we were also the first ever team of Automation test engineers (dominated by) that made the cut.



More about the challenges here.

The Fantastic Four:

Except Celal who is a hardcore iOS specialist others are test engineers specialized in automating mobile apps.

Hari –  Middleware developer

Balaji – Middleware developer

Sivaranjini – App Designer

Celal – iOS developer

The verdict:

This award not only showcases the creative and the technical talent exists in Outware, but also shows what a bunch of individuals who are driven by passion for innovation with lot of hard and team work can do if they chose to wear a different hat for a change.

What an inspiration week !

More about the winners, here.