Sun includes GlassFish ESB in GlassFish Portfolio

February 10, 2009

Sun Microsystems announced the release of Sun GlassFish Portfolio, the open source Web platform based on GlassFish. Built on open source projects including Apache Tomcat, Ruby, PHP, Liferay Portal, OpenESB and GlassFish, the Sun GlassFish Portfolio packages these components into an open source platform with range of support and services options, from basic patch services to 24×7 mission critical support.

Why the announcement is significant for GlassFish ESB and OpenESB project?

With today’s announcement of the GlassFish Portfolio, Sun Microsystems has also announced the commercial support options for GlassFish ESB (or Sun GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus), including a pricelist. For many companies not withstanding the effort in the community, it’s a requirement to have commercial support before considering using an open source product. So with today’s announcement, we should see an acceleration in OpenESB adoption, and as a consequence, also in OpenESB development! Good news for OpenESB!!!

The GlassFish Portfolio includes the GlassFish Application Server along with other components. To view the entire list go here.