Using DataMashup with DataDirect driver

December 15, 2008

I elaborate here the steps on configuring the netbeans ( designtime ) and appserver ( runtime ) to use the datadirect driver which in turn can be utilized by the DataMashup Service Engine ( edmse ).

Note: For creating and running an end-to-end datamashup project, refer here.

Note: If you are using GlassFishESB, the DD drivers has to be purchased by you individually. If you are using JavaCAPS6, you can find the DD drivers for oracle at ‘<JavaCAPS6 home>\.netbeans\caps\modules\ext\oracleadapter’. Though please remember datamashupSE is not part of JavaCAPS6 and its new component shipped along with GlassFishESB and JavaCAPS6 update 1 releases.

Configuring Netbeans (Designtime):

Adding New Driver:

  1. Goto NB, Services -> Databases -> Drivers -> New Driver, click on ‘Add’ and navigate to the folder ‘<JavaCAPS6U1 home>\.netbeans\caps\modules\ext\oracleadapter’.
  2. Add all the files from the folder and click on ‘Find’
  3. Select ‘’ which appears in the drop down list
  4. Give a name ‘DD37’ and finish.

Adding New Connection:

  1. Click on the driver ‘DD37’ and select connect using.
  2. Provide the connection details as shown in the image below and close.

Configuring GlassFish ( Runtime ):

  1. Copy the driver files from ‘<JavaCAPSR6U1 home>\.netbeans\caps\modules\ext\oracleadapter’ to ‘<JavaCAPS6U1 home>\appserver\domains\domain1\lib\ext’. Restart the appserver.
  2. Logon to the appserver admin console.
  3. Goto Resource -> JDBC -> Connection Pools, create an new connection pool with following values,
    Name: oracledd37pool
    Resource type: javax.sql.DataSource
    Database Vendor: Oracle
    Datasource Classname:
  4. Add the following properties in Additional properties,
    SID : orcl11
    User: qajbi_shared
    password: < password for db >
    portNumber: 1522
    URL: jdbc:SeeBeyond:oracle://ieccaps10:1522;SID=orcl11
  5. Save the configuration and test the connection by clicking on ‘Ping’.
  6. Goto Resource -> JDBC -> JDBC Resources, and create a new jdbc resource with the following values,
    JNDI Name: jdbc/OracleDD37pool
    pool name: oracledd37pool  ## select the connection pool created in step 3

Configuring DataMashup SE and Project to use the datadirect connection pool in runtime:

  • Open the casa editor, and provide a application configuration name for edm interface as shown in the image below, ( any name can be used )
  • Save and build the Composite App.

    • Goto Services -> Servers -> GlassFish V2 -> JBI -> Service Engines -> sun-edm-engine and open the properties

    • Click on the button ‘…’ on the right end of Application configuration.

    • Provide the name of the application configuration as same as what is given in the casa editor. In this case it is ‘OraOraViewXmlJbi’,
    • And the resource name as created in the application server. In this case it is ‘jdbc/OracleDD37pool’, as shown below,

    • Deploy and run the project.