Drunken drive less harmful than SMS

September 18, 2008

If you think drink-driving is dangerous, you are right but there is a far dangerous feat to do while driving that most of us unaware and some even done in the past.

Especially me. I always thought its safer to send text messages to my friends behind the wheel than calling them. I’ve my reasons, the messages can be checked while we are stopping by and not exactly while driving. But anxiety cannot wait.

As reported by times online, a recent study established, taking eyes off the road while driving to look at the tiny text message combined with the thinking ( how to write ) deteriorates the reaction time and the vehicle control much worse than those who drank alcohol at legal limits.

All this doesn’t mean better drunk off next time.


GlassFish ESB

September 14, 2008

Its a milestone event for OpenESB and milestone 1 for GlassFish ESB.

The Open Source ESB for Integration & SOA, with commercial support by Sun Microsystems

GlassFish ESB is a binary distribution of OpenESB. It consists of subset of the components in OpenESB. Sun will provide commercial support for GlassFish ESB. With this, a big obstacle in the adoption of OpenESB has been removed! Click on the image to download GlassFish ESB. For more information, see https://open-esb.dev.java.net/glassfishesb/.