100 Pushups

‘You’ve sort of less committed to prolong anything’ heard this many times from my family. So many times that even I started believing it. Eg.Whenever I enroll for gym, one/all in the family used to say lets see how many days will you go this time? So powerful the spell was, I never continued the gym more than a month. Long since I renewed any subscriptions for the subsequent months since my school days.

 But here today,  ‘I’ve proved them all wrong’. By

1. Starting to write in this space after a really long time and will continue doing so ( few of many I missed to ink here : Java CAPS R6 release, momentum on GlassFish ESB, game and movie reviews )

2. Have been working out in the gym for almost 2 months ( pat on my back ) and  will continue doing so . And enrolled here to accomplish doing 100 consecutive pushups after 7th week from now. Oops, I just said that.

BTW, I fell into Rank 3 by completing 20 consecutive pushups. My result would be honestly published here after 7 weeks.

Advantage of committing in the crowd, I need to try hard to pursue them to avoid humiliation of failure.

PS: Its coincidence Sun announced corporate deals for fitness training for its employees.


2 Responses to 100 Pushups

  1. I’m on the 100 push-up plan too! I’m just into week 2 and I’m amazed by two things:
    1. How many push ups I can do now. (41 at the beginning of week 2 compared with 9 at the beginning of week 1)
    2. How every muscle in my arms, back, chest and abs ache like you wouldn’t believe.
    good luck with it! so far so good for me.
    p.s. @twitfit on twitter tuned me into your blog. If you’re on twitter, you should follow him…

  2. Maddy says:

    C’mon Hari, do you really think that this stuff is worth eating veg salads/sandwiches & drinking juices -sugar etc. ? Don’t you think smell of spices emanating from a well cooked biryani & deep fried chicken breasts deserve a lot more love? 😉
    Let me check where you get by mid-september with the start of festival season and accompanying temptations. 😀

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