Restore your message filters in Thunderbird

February 11, 2008

         Inspite of being over cautiously having all the safeguarding measures I lost my system to unknown virus which affected my boot-sector ( according to my pc support person ). And I’d to get my laptop reinstalled one more time. Generally in similar situations, I would have a problem in getting configured my huge list of Thunderbird message filters after reinstalling the system.  So here is the crack for this tedious step of reconfiguring message filter in Thunderbird.

1.  Take a backup of the file ‘msgFilterRules.dat’ from the location

C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\oovf4lha.default\ImapMail\<your-mail-server>

2. Post re-installation and configuration of account in the Thunderbird, overwrite the file ‘msgFilterRules.dat’ to the above mentioned location

3. Restart the Thunderbird

 Enjoy mailing.