Configuring SunLDAP instances …

<!–Assuming you’ve already installed either ds6 or the whole JES5 suite, you would be having default server instance got installed under /var/opt/sun/dsins1 ( linux ). You might need to create more instances with non-default parameters eg. DN and the ports, as per your requirements.

Doing so in ds6 commandline requires you to tap your <enter> key only twice

# pwd
# ./dsadm create -p 1389 -P 2345  -D cn=Manager /var/opt/sun/dsins2
Choose the Directory Manager password:< Type a password for your new DN >
Confirm the Directory Manager password:< Re-type >
Use 'dsadm start /var/opt/sun/dsins2' to start the instance
# ./dsconf create-suffix -p 1389 -D cn=Manager dc=india,dc=sun,dc=com
Certificate "CN=<your host-name>, CN=2345, CN=Directory Server, O=Sun Microsystems" presented by the server is not trusted.
Type "Y" to accept, "y" to accept just once, "n" to refuse, "d" for more details: Y
Enter "cn=Manager" password:

 Connect using any external ldap browser and populate your instance by importing the suitable ldif.


2 Responses to Configuring SunLDAP instances …

  1. Ludo says:

    There is a step missing between creating the instance and configuring the suffix: Starting the server. While the command is printed by dsadm create…, it stills need to be executed otherwise, dsconf will fail.

  2. hari says:

    Yup, I missed that one. Thanks Ludo for pointing it.

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