Dell Hell Freezes Over

Thanks to my Dell latitude D600 for being a reason for writing this blog and putting me back in the community. Its been a long time since I posted anything here. Yeah, busier at the end of the JCAPS release  cycle. But cant wait anymore to share how reliable these boxes are? Having said I’ve been in hectic schedule, working on multiple deadlines, one fine day my laptop refuses to come up. Yup, I got green leds glowing and the blank screen and no clue whether it would be recoverable.

And next comes to my mind the array of irrefutable questions: How do I submit my testplans I just updated the previous day ? My personal financial stuffs and the invaluables, my kid snaps ? And lots of other stuff in which I was spending my precious time never blogging ? Do I need to work on them again ( could I able to ? ) or the support personal could help me to recover them ? Having going through this I was trying to find the support number.

But wait, I remember I did something long back when I started using this laptop, to recover the data in a situation like I was facing right now, “Wow, I ‘d configured a backup software for my laptop”. I realised by then how critical it is to backup my data and yet not ready to add another task in my daily schedule and hence landed up on a free backup software.

Long long ago,somehow I tended to configure SyncBack for my D600 and let it sync with my home server and even forget about it as it runs everyday. And now as I found all my important files got backed up safely in my home server I could breathe easy and opted to write that here.

 Sidenote: Original problem was been solved by my well-dell experienced collegue by pulling-out the battery and put it again.



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