First Usage: OpenOffice Blogger

Sun Weblog PublisherFor some weird reason, my first blog entry ever is not being listed under “recent posts” in As the blogs team investigating the issue, I ‘ve started this new weblog hoping to see my postings in and get some hits. Though I started blogging recently and has few postings, I tried best of the lot writer out there for my previous postings and my finale post was using windows writer. I knew I have to switch over, I cant be both the assailant and the user for even a short time. So this very next posting I’ve been composing using Sun Weblog Publisher for StarOffice/OpenOffice( actually I’m using OpenOffice ). Bottomline, I got the rich OpenOffice features for editing my blogs and I dont have to install another software for doing the same job.

Verdict: I ‘m gonna stay with this for a while.


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