Licence to Steal

Every morning as I stroll towards my cubicle, I notice this extremely vulnerable OS which tops in SANS  list, running on all the desktops/laptops across the cubicles occupied by my BU. This all of sudden windows rush leaves me a insecure feeling I never felt when I was using the SunRay which all this time kept me from periodic updating hassles which I ‘ve been going through now.

As a hardcore online banker and rare shopper I would prefer my desktop/laptop to be up-to-date to ensure my online experience safe and secure.

So what are the least to be followed to keep your system safe

  • Update the OS once a week
  • Update the antivirus client daily ( make sure its not disabled and let the weekly scan run for completion)
  • Enable firewall
  • Get one anti-spyware running in your system and keep it updated.  

Why you need a anti-spyware to detect a spyware ? Why not antivirus do the job ? It simply doesn’t because antivirus search files based on signature whereas spywares are legtimate programs.

If this is the first time you learn about spyware or you know it already and were ignorant like the majority I could bet atleast one spyware would be running in your systems ( atleast less harmful ). Don’t have to believe my words, download any one of free versions available or probably the one from the MS itself and try scanning your systems or just go through the checklist given below to ensure you are already affected.

Signs of Spywares

  • You see new toolbars you did not intentionally add to your web browser.
  • Your home page is not sunweb anymore, instead you might land up in less boring, visually appealing and if you are lucky probably in a gorgeous page when you launch your browser.
  • You type the address for a specific website (for example, a search engine), but you are taken to a different one instead. ( cool excuse you can use if your manager pops up all of sudden)
  • Your computer suddenly starts running more slowly than it usually does. ( and sometimes you can move your mouse pointer too ).
  • Dont be happy if you never experienced any one of these, probably you would be running the most dangerous spy in your system. ( might be a keylogger smuggling your password )

All this means your already got enough spys implanted in your system successfully. And if you’ve been doing online transactions using this system, at anytime or probably by this time your valuable login credentials, credit card infos would be Opensourced.

 If this posting had scared you of using your not up-to-date destop, think it’d served the purpose.


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